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JANET TURNER (Kelly Bishop) is a bad mom. She hardly sees her grown children ZACH (Nyambi Nyambi) and RACHEL (Lauren Bittner). Then Rachel gets a frantic call from her mother's bank, explaining that Janet is cashing out her accounts because “God told her to.”Janet has come to believe that God has given her the power to heal, and it's her duty to help those who need it most. She has devoted her life – and her money – to this pursuit.

Zach and Rachel are faced with an onslaught of questions: Has their mother lost her mind? Is she actually helping people, or is she destroying her own life? Meanwhile, they’re both dealing with their own personal crises of faith.

The film draws inspiration from a fascinating American phenomenon: the surprising number of purported faith healers. Faith healers have gone mainstream, even appearing on Dr. Oz and Oprah's talk shows. A 2001 Gallup poll found that 54% of adult Americans of all religions believed in spiritual healing. The psychology of this makes a lot of sense: when faced with the uncertainty of illness, it's natural to hope for the certainty of a miracle.

Saint Janet explores this psychological truth, and examines the role that belief has in all of our lives. Shot on location in New York City, it's a quirky, thought-provoking tale about faith, forgiveness, and family.